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Game of Thrones – Spain – Roman bridge of Córdoba

The 247 meter long Roman bridge of Córdoba, dating back to the first century BC was used in “Game of Thrones” (S05 2015). It depicted “the Long bridge of Volantis”. It has Islamic (mostly Moorish) archetecture, which prooved usefull for the show.

Game of Thrones – Spain – Osuna

In the South of Spain, another location for”Game of Thrones” can be found. The location of Danzar’s Pit is a large Bull Fighting arena in Osuna, erected around 1902. It seats about 6500 spectators! Other Spanish locations include Seville and Girona.

Game of Thrones – Spain

The production team of “Game of Thrones”went all over Europe to find the most beautifull locations for the TV series. For the Royal Palace of Dorne, they went to Seville (Spain) to the Real Alcázar de Seville. It is open to visitors so definitely worth visiting if you are a fan of the series (or […]

Doctor Who – Valencia

In series 10 of Doctor Who, one of the locations used for filming is Valencia….The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Arts and Science building) is a perfect location for the first human colony Gliese 581d. It is futuristic looking and the weather is sunny. There even is a wheatfield nearby (in reality this field […]

Doctor Who – Fuerteventura

Gallifrey, the most sought planet for the Doctor after 2005. A more “tropical” and deserted location was needed for the BBC crew then the usual locations near Cardiff (Wales). So off to Fuerteventura they went!

Doctor Who – Spain

A big tourist atraction and western town, Fort Bravo in Spain was very suitable for the Doctor Who crew. A town called Mercy was needed for the episode with the same name. While the crew was in Spain, not only did they use the desert location of Fort Bravo, they also traveled up into the […]

Exodus – Spain

Although the Bible says Mozes escaped from Egypt with 600,000 slaves, Ridley Scott and his crew choose Spain as the main location for filming the exterior desert scenes (interiors were shot in the UK at Pinewood Studios). Most of the movie was filmed in Almeria (Tabernas). Tabernas has been used for other movies, like classic […]

Game of Thrones – Spain (Desert)

The Bardenas Reales National Park has been used for filming some desert scenes for “Game of Thrones”. Stunning rock formations prove to be a beautiful backdrop for dragon scenes….

Game of Thrones – Spain

Travel back in time, to the middle ages, in this mysterious town in Spain called Girona. The production team of “Game of Thrones” needed a location for the town of Braavos, and this medieval Spanish town provided everything they needed.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Granada

In the third installment of the Indiana Jones movies, Marcus Brody (played by the late Denholm Elliott) arrives in Iskenderun by train. Iskenderun is not a real town, instead the Spanish Guadix Railway station was used for filming. https://en.rail.cc/guadix/city/l/13271#rail