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Ghostbusters – Afterlife (2021)

For the movie “Ghostbusters – Afterlife”, Jason Reitman (yes, indeed the son of the original director Ivan), left the busy city of New York behind and started filming in Canada. The house that was used in the movie did not excist, but was build for the movie. It can no longer be found at the […]

Ghostbusters – Los Angeles

If it is the Sedgewick Hotel you would like to visit, you are out of luck. The place where the Ghostbusters first encounter Slimer, does not exist under that name. The hotel that was used for the film is actualy the “Biltmore Hotel” at South Grand Avenue. Good luck hunting down the Slimer ghost! http://www.millenniumhotels.com/usa/millenniumbiltmorelosangeles/

Ghostbusters – New York

In 1984, Ivan Reitman and his crew used a lot of New York locations for their “Ghostbusters” movie. Perhaps the most famous one is the small fire station, which is actualy very real. It is located at 14 North Moore Street. However, the interior was not filmed in New York, but in downtown Los Angeles.