Cloud Atlas – Düsseldorf



The big Wachowski production “Cloud Atlas” (2012) takes the movie makers all over the world, USA, Singapore, Spain and Germany. Exteriors were recorded at Dreischeibenhaus and with a little movie magic it was made to look like it was somewhere in the 1970’s.


Forrest Gump – Beaufort


Several locations in Beafort were used for Forrest Gump.

Fripp Island and Hunting Island State Park was used as Vietnam

Hunting Island

Greenbow is a town that does not exist, instead the real town that was used is Varnville (northwest of Beaufort).

The Gump boarding house was build on the Bluff Plantation.

The four square Baptist church is the Stoney Creek Chappel

What is supposedly in the movie, the university of Alabama, is the University of South Carolina.

The Beaufort performing Arts Center was used as the Bayou le Batre Hospital.

And Bubba’s home was not in Bayou le Batre, but in Lucy Creek (Lady’s Island).

Forrest Gump – Savannah


The bench on which Tom Hanks sits and “life is like a box….” was filmed in Savannah. If you go to the Chippewa Square to sit on that bench, don’t be dissapointed, the bench that was used for the film is no longer there. Is was put there for the film and removed afterwards. A similar seat is nearby….