Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Essex


The State Cinema used to seat 2200 people. No longer in use, the film crew for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” were able to use this wonderful location for the movie. The heros of the movie use Gray’s State Cinema to hide from Judge Doom.

Jamiroquai used the cinema for “Deeper Underground” (the soundtrack for “Godzilla”), it can be seen in Chicago Joe and the Showgirl, Lipstick on your collar and Jericho.

After being a nightclub, the cinema has fallen into disrepair and is now closed.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – London


Next to Westfield London Shopping Centre and very close to BBC broadcasting, are the historic structures called the Dimco Buildings. Originaly build in 1898 for the underground, they are now in use as a bus station.

Robert Zemeckis used these buildings for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in 1988 for the Toontown Acme Buildings. But not only Judge Doom did nasty things here, in 2001 Steven Sommers used this location for “the Mummy Returns”.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – RED Studios Hollywood


A combination of animation and live action, Robert Zemeckis’ funny movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is set in Hollywood-1947. But only part of the movie was recorded in this area. Production was set in England at Elstree studios (most of the interior sets were build here).

The exterior of “Maroon Cartoons” studio is in fact in Hollywood and has been a studio for some time. It is known by the name of RED studios, but before that Desilu and Ren-Mar Studio). There is definitely some history there….

Also in LA, at 1130 South Hope street, Eddies office can still be found.