Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (2016) – Liverpool


In “Fantastic Beasts..” a bank plays a prominent part in the film. It is where two main charaters meet and a lot of havoc happens.

While in the story, the bank is located in New York, the film was recorded in Liverpool. A real Bank was used (known as “The Grasshopper”).  At 4 Water street, Martin’s Bank provided the location for the shoot.

Somewhat further down the road, St. George’s Hall and the Cunnard building were also used for filming.

Ransom – New York


Mel Gibsonss son is kidnapped from the science fair at Bethesda Terrace in the movie “Ransom” (1996). Other New York locations that were used in this film include: Gibsons’s luxury pad, Fifth Ave. between 87th and 88th street, the chase takes the to 125th street throught the Holland Tunnel, the Vanderbilt Bank is a private house on 1261 Madison Ave. at 90th Street. The final gunfight is at Roberta 1252 Madison Ave.

Outbreak – California


For the town of Cedar Creek, the Californian town of Ferndale was used in “Outbreak”. The bank in Main Street was turned into an Hospital with some movie magic.

The Zaïre scenes were filmed in Hawaii.