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Tag: Avengers

The Reform Club – London

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript This Victorian establishment, founded in 1836,  has been used in many films. Interior and exterior can be seen in “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) (as Cafe Royal), but also  “The...

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The Avengers : Pensylvania

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript The tunnels in which Loki escapes with the hypercube, are located in Pensylvania. The largest mushroom farm in the world was used as a filming location. At One Moonlight Drive, Worthington,...

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The Avengers – Cleveland

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript The laboratory used in “The Avengers” is in fact a research facility for NASA. Plum Brook Station in Ohio was dressed to suit the needs for the crew, a huge vacuum chamber was...

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