Doctor Who – Valencia


In series 10 of Doctor Who, one of the locations used for filming is Valencia….The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Arts and Science building) is a perfect location for the first human colony Gliese 581d. It is futuristic looking and the weather is sunny. There even is a wheatfield nearby (in reality this field is in Wales). Everything seems perfect… as long as you are happy….

Doctor Who – Fuerteventura


Gallifrey, the most sought planet for the Doctor after 2005. A more “tropical” and deserted location was needed for the BBC crew then the usual locations near Cardiff (Wales). So off to Fuerteventura they went!

Doctor Who – Lanzarote and Tenerife


The volcanic Island of Lanzarote can be a different planet with a little movie magic. This is what the production team for “Doctor Who” must have thought when looking for a location for “Kill the Moon”. Lanzarote was used as the moon….

The nearby Island Tenerife doubled as the wasteland of Skaro in “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar”.

Doctor Who – New York


Used in a great many amount of films and tv-shows, Manhattan is a popular location for production crews around the globe. BBC is no exception. For the Doctor Who episodes “Daleks in Manhattan”, “Evolution of the Daleks” and  “The Angels take Manhattan”, only pick up shots were filmed in the big Apple. The main action was in fact not filmed here at all…

Doctor Who – Spain


A big tourist atraction and western town, Fort Bravo in Spain was very suitable for the Doctor Who crew. A town called Mercy was needed for the episode with the same name. While the crew was in Spain, not only did they use the desert location of Fort Bravo, they also traveled up into the mountains. There they shot exteriors with snow for the episode “Asylum of the Daleks”.

Doctor Who – Arizona


Near Lake Powell lies the Glen Canyon Dam, a location used for many films but also some TV shows. The BBC used this location for the episode “Day of the Moon”, “Doctor Who” episode. Rory gets captured on this very spot….

Doctor Who – Utah


From the United Kingdom over to the United States. The first scenes of season six, “The Impossible Astronaut”,  take place at lake Silencio, Utah. It was however filmed at Lone Rock.

Later when Amy is captured in “Day of the Moon”, the crew filmed in the Valley of the Gods.

Doctor Who – Croatia


The Doctor Who crew traveled to Croatia for two episodes (thus far). The mediëval town of Trogir was used in “The Vampires of Venice” where it doubled as Venice.

Later the same town was used as the home of Vincent van Gogh in “Vincent and the Doctor” (‘though his actual home was in France in the Provence).

Doctor Who – Rome Cinecittà Studios


While usualy recorded in Wales (Cardiff), for the fouth season of the Doctor Who reboot, the crew traveled to Italy. The world famous Cinecittà Studios in Rome were used as the location for Pompeii. Fun fact is that the Doctor is actualy traveling to Rome and end up in Pompeii (which in reality now is Rome).

The location was used for only two days. A day and a night shoot. For the day shoot, exteriors of thee city like set were filmed. The night shoot was used for the destruction of pompeii by the volcano (the effects van arrived just in time for the crew to set-up all effects).

All other scenes were filmed back in Wales, where the weather was very different. A chalenge for the camera crew to match the look and feel of the lovely weather they had over in Italy.

In 2015 – 2016, this Italian studio was also used to film another version of “Ben Hur”. The big charriot scene amongst others used the large sets available here.

The “Doctor” in between takes.

The Truman Show – Florida


In 1998 a location was needed for the movie “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey and Ed Harris. In the movie, the town is calles “Seahaven”, the location used is in Florida and is called “Seaside”.

The house that was used for Truman is clearly labeled these days.

Throughout the movie, the spike of Coleman Pavilion can be seen. It is now a public beach access.

In Ruskin Place, you can find the Rubeo Architects sign. This is not a real buisiness, but a sign that was left by the film crew.

The Post Office has been moved, 10 feet further south. Although the structure is still the same as it was back then.