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Month: June 2016

Kingsman – London (Kennington)

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript In the James Bond-like movie “Kingsman”, the main character can be seen in a pub, The Black Prince. This pub is very real in can be found in London in the UK. Interiors and...

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Exodus – Spain

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript Although the Bible says Mozes escaped from Egypt with 600,000 slaves, Ridley Scott and his crew choose Spain as the main location for filming the exterior desert scenes (interiors were shot...

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Game of Thrones – Spain

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript Travel back in time, to the middle ages, in this mysterious town in Spain called Girona. The production team of “Game of Thrones” needed a location for the town of Braavos, and...

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