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Month: January 2016

Ace Ventura – Florida

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, love it or hate it. Fact is, Jim Carrey’s apartment, filled with animals, is the Compton Apartment at Washington Ave. at 1445. The football stadium is the...

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Ransom – New York

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript Mel Gibsonss son is kidnapped from the science fair at Bethesda Terrace in the movie “Ransom” (1996). Other New York locations that were used in this film include:...

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Outbreak – California

codepeople-post-map require JavaScript For the town of Cedar Creek, the Californian town of Ferndale was used in “Outbreak”. The bank in Main Street was turned into an Hospital with some movie magic. The Zaïre scenes...

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